Private Car Company is a subdivision of Dansk Limousine Service. This service is provided within the greater area of Copenhagen, where customers are transported in a neutral car from one destination to another with driver. There can be up to one stop on the way.

The car is as a minimum a Mercedes E-Class in silver or black, and our drivers are always uniformed. All our drivers speak fluent Danish and English.

The service is booked through our booking department on and the amount is deducted from the credit card – there is no payment in the car.

Customers for Private Car will typically be:

Business people that are going to and from the airport, or to and from meetings – and who want extra reliability.

Private customers who want transportation to and from town and want the extra luxury.

Tourists wishing airport transfers, transportation to and from the cruise ships, etc., and who are used to the extra service that they experience elsewhere in the world.

If the customer has more appointments / meetings during the day, and therefore need a car over a longer period of time, our limousine department is best suited for the task.

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